Terms & Conditions

• A product of Sukupedia business Pvt Ltd Virtual Dancing Star, registration is to be done online at www.virtualdancingstar.com . Virtual dancing stars participants must abide the Rules and Regulations as mentioned, this competition does not permit any negativity or booing towards any performer.
• Entry for the competition is to submitted in the form of video (cannot be changed or deleted once submitted)
• Your videos will be validated within 24 hrs of submission
• Participants must complete and sign, where necessary, all forms, including but not limited to registration and music
• Participants of Virtual Dancing Star is responsible for providing accurate personal information and documentation certifying their Nationalities and Date of Birth, failure or non transparency of the same may result in disqualification, suspensions, and/or other severe penalties deemed necessary by the Director
• By entering a competition, contestant automatically grant permission to Virtual Dance Competition and Sukupedia Pvt Ltd to use, without any compensation whatsoever, their photos and videos for publicity and promotional purposes, including but not limited to ads, television, videotaping and broadcasting, social media, web or print.
• Release of Liability: Upon registering to Virtual Dancing Star it is agreed that contestant, parents or family relatives will not hold Virtual Dancing star Competition, Sukupcedia Pvt Ltd directors, employees and all involved in the competition responsible or liable for any damages, loss or personal injury which they may sustain while participating in any activity connected with this competition, no matter how caused, to either contestant or spectators.
• Release of Likeness: upon registering to any Virtual Dancing Star, it is agreed that each contestant allows Virtual Dancing Star and the competition organizer, agents or sponsors to film, videotape, and/or record the dancers, performance(s) and event participation for use in all forms of television, motion pictures, home video, internet, social media, radio, press releases, media, public relations, and other promotion/media vehicles whether now known or hereafter devised.
• No dangerous props to be used during performance such as fire, swords, or knives. No weapons of any sort. Props used shouldn’t be against community guidelines
• Prohibited : Video taping or photography of any kind, this is for the safety of all dancers, our event is online show which means anyone can watch, therefore we DO NOT allow any photography or video taping of any sort (all rights reserved), to the safety of all dancers. Also Prohibited are live animals and any routines that contain fire pyrotechnic devices, swords and knives, failure to comply with this policy could result in disqualification!
• Performers/Choreographers are advised to be highly cautious about music not being too complex with too many edits, sound effects or songs which will enable the contestant to deliver cleans and continuous performance
• Virtual Dancing will not provide any music or choreographers to the contestants
• Participant is sole responsible for their performances, music used or choreography. The performance should not contain inappropriate or offensive languages.
• Virtual dancing star is open to all dance forms.
• Participant of all the age groups are allowed to perform together
• At Virtual Dancing Star participants can present themselves in one or more of the below listed categories:
a. Solo/ 1 dancer
b. Duo/Trio/Quartet: 2/3/4 dancers
c. Group: 5-12 dancers ( must follow Social Distance norm)
• Contestant are required to provide the below mentioned information prior to the competition
a. Information related to music used along with Title, Artist, Composer, Publisher, Recording Company
b. Details of all participating contestant
• Due to varying copyright laws, Virtual dancing star does not guarantee that a routine’s music will be used at live events, on television or other distribution mediums. Virtual Dancing star reserves the right to ask for the replacement of music with one that is acceptable.
• Only registered contestant can perform, number of participant (non registered) cannot be increased.
• Virtual Dancing star Competition will not issue any refunds or be held responsible for sudden cancellation or time lost due to extreme weather, natural calamities, bomb threats, terrorism or any other extraneous circumstances
• Virtual Dancing star Competition reserves the right to refuse individual or studio entries at their discretion, in which fees will be refunded. Refunds will not be made for any other reasons except for injuries (with a doctor’s note) in which a credit will be given to use at future Virtual Dancing Star competition.
• By entering Virtual Dancing star Competition you agree that all decisions of the judges are final, the manner and method of the judging is solely within the discretion of the Director of Virtual dancing star
• Placement and awards: Virtual Dancing Star concludes with the Award honoring the first three placements. The complete list of will be published on www.virtualdancingstar.com
• Certificates as followed will be awarded participants and Dance schools/Groups/Crews in digital form via Registration Portal:
a. Certificate of Attendance
b. Certificate of Placement
• Special Awards given as below:
a. Virtual Dancing star of the Day
b. Best Male Talent : Weekly nomination
c. Best Female Talent : Weekly nomination
d. Best Choreography : of the season
e. Outstanding Performance Award may be given by the jury panel
• Entry fee for the competition is Rs 750/- per participant followed by Rs 300/- per additional participant.
• Dancing Star are enforced with goal of creating a fair competitive environment for all the dancers so let this lockdown unlock the talent within and world recognize your worth !